Part 4

The Interpol exhibition, the art exhibition that divided the East and the West.
The Retro-avantgarde project. All "isms" in art were coming from the west, while for us every "ism" was a product of fiction and we managed to create our own: retro-avangarde. Somehow in the East the art system was lacking some of the elements it had in the western society. So it was not a matter of opposing to something or reclaiming our own space, but to build reality. Our condition was to construct our own condition.
Local histories and mythologies in the East.
We understood that today radical art is not interventionist, since this is just what is expected by the market, the modernist approach of art intervening in the reality. From our point of view it was more interesting doing something perfectly legal to show some different pictures that did not exist: the East Art Map project.