Part 2

The Irwin collective. The Was Ist Kunst series on the ideology of art. We don't consider ourselves as political artists, but rather we focus on how art itself is always political in certain contexts. We work on icons and stick on just a few "motifs" (subjects). In our paintings we are not interested in endorsing the idea of the supposed artist's freedom of choice in the subject.
A new scenario in the 1990s, the fall of the Berlin wall: eventually the East and the West were coming together and belonging to the same world. We found this idea very dangerous: was it a way to abolish dofferences? A constatation: art in Eastern Europe was done in different social and economical context, so it was different. Saying that art is global is just part of its ideology.
The origin of the Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) embassy in Moscow. How does the East sees itself?