Vuk Ćosić


"Born in 1966. Currently a classic of"
Vuk Ćosić, cosmopolitan retired artist with Balkan roots, is one of the pioneers of and a "hacker of ideas", totally incapable of showing reverence towards the formalities of the art world. For a particular group of artists working in the mid-90s, the possibilities opened up by internet access were just as exciting as the emergence of performance or video art had been to artists working in the 60s. Virtually overnight, they had access to a new medium that could give shape to the weirdest ideas, and the evolution of kept pace with that of the Internet itself. Vuk was one of the motors behind this scene, and the author of such subtle conceptual surgical operations as the theft of the Documenta X web site, a "History of Art for Airports" and the "ASCII Art Ensemble" (which aimed to transform the world into the letters and numbers of the American Standard Code for Information Interchange, beginning with "Deep Throat" and other historical fetishes).