The Influencers 2006

July 6th-8th, 2006 - Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona

¡Welcome to episode three of The Influencers series! 

Over the next three days, our 7 guests will present their work and discuss it with us. They will take us into stories of collective hallucinations that turn into reality and vice versa, like the time a Nazi icon was used to celebrate the patron-hero of a socialist state, or that fun time we spent bribing scientists and crushing workers so that our our junk food company would come out on top(at least in a videogame).

And more: porn movies transformed into sequences of letters and numbers, fakes newspapers announcing the end of the Polish communist regime and a new king Wojtyla, stolen web pages, an apologia for copying as collective intelligence, DYI artists who have cracked the top ten, masked insects hanging from the billboards of corrupt presidents....