The Influencers 2012

A festival of non conventional art, communication guerrilla, radical entertainment

February 9-10-11, 2012 - Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB)

Abandon all certainties and join us for a week-end with the authors of amazing visionary projects that cross over the arts, experimental forms of activism, and personal explorations into collective imagination. Get yourself thrilled, outraged, inspired by razor-sharp stories that cut through the white noise of our daily routine, contagious ideas that turn the uncanny into some unexpected surplus of sense. This world looks normal until you watch it through The Influencers' special lens!

With the participation of:
Evan Roth experimenter with social technologies, pop culture and digital mass subcultures, co-founder of F.A.T..
Street-artist & photographer JR and the global Inside Out project
The astonishing investigations into surveillance, secrecy, intimacy and invisibility of Jill Magid
Voina the most wanted art collective of Russia
Constant Dullaart ...Internet cultures, digital folklore, collective images and other oddities
Biotic Baking Brigade ...the "crème de la crème" of good old pranksterism (that never goes out of fashion)
...And finally, for the first time since The Influencers #1, the post-religious preacher
Reverend Billy & The Church of Stop Shopping! (a.k.a. The Church of Earthalujah) will once again open our eyes and lead us to the unexpected!