Part 1

Introduction. Neue Slowenische Kunst and its beginning in 1984 (Laibach started in 1980, while Irwin and Scipion Nasice Theater in 1983). We started to work together in times of large civil society movements. Art and theory were trying to answer the question of what kind of state we were living in. We took art as a religion, each group within its own media. A brief survey on the various groups comprised within the label of NSK: Laibach, a music and art group which was meant to work as a mirror of the state. Scipion Nasice Theater: in those firts 4 years we went from the phase of illegality and anonimity to the phase where we were doing shows and performing for 2000 people. As a state theater we wanted to claim the end of theater, so the group eventually died.
The design department: New Collectivism (born in 1984). The scandal of the Nazi poster.