Joey Skaggs

Part 4

Even more pranks: Thanksgiving dinner (1981), Windsurfing from Hawaii to California (1983), Fish Condos (1983-present) Bad Guys Talent Management Agency (1984), Walk right (1984).
The April Fools' Day Parade (1986 to Present): "In 1986, Skaggs launched his first April Fools' Day Parade down 5th Avenue from 59th Street to Washington Square Park in New York City. This was to be the beginning of a tradition that is ongoing today".
The Fat Squad (1986): "Having difficulty sticking to your diet?" So asked David Hartman on ABC's Good Morning America as he introduced Joe Bones, ex U.S. Marine drill sergeant and proprietor of the Fat Squad, an organization created to help wipe out fat. Bones, (a.k.a. Joey Skaggs), was televised with Hartman on a studio kitchen set with a fat client and six tough looking calorie cops standing guard around a refrigerator."