The Influencers 2008

Press coverage

Influencers 2008 has been announced in the news of several media, both locally and nationwide. Here is a selection of those media that covered the event or made interviews with the festival guests and organizers: 


- Radio Nacional de España - Radio 3, "Siglo 21" (Spain)
- COM Ràdio, "Extraradi" (Catalonia)
- IB3 Radio (Balearic Islands)
- Radio M80 (Spain)
- iCat Catalunya Ràdio, "Cabaret Eléctrico" (Catalonia)
- Deutschlandfunk, "Corso" (German National Radio) - .mp3


    - Localia Network, informativos 28-29/2/2008 (Catalonia)
    - Cuatro Network, news 28/2/2008 (Spain)
    - TV3, "Silenci?" (Catalonia)

      Main regional and national newspapers announced or talked about The Influencers 2008, among them El País, Público, La Vanguardia, ADN, El Periódico, Què. Press agencies such as Efe and EuropaPress also picked up the news.

      Here goes a selection of the most relevant articles:

      - ADN
      - El País (EP3) pdf
      - La Vanguardia pdf1 / pdf2
      - Público pdf
      - ADNweekend pdf
      - La Vanguardia ("La contra - Trevor Paglen") pdf
      - La Vanguardia ("La contra - Alan Abel") pdf
      - Liberation (Francia) pdf

      A selection of articles appeared on magazines:

      - El Periodico - Exit (Catalonia) pdf
      - ElMundo - Tendències (Catalonia) pdf
      - La Luna de Metropoli - MundosXXI (Spain) pdf1 pdf2
      - La Vanguardia - Quèfem (Catalonia) pdf
      - Cosmopolitan (Spain) pdf
      - Shanguide (Catalonia) pdf
      - La Nova Ciutat Vella (Barcelona) pdf
      - La Repubblica - D (Italy) pdf

      A selection of the most relevant magazines and blogs that talked about The Influencers 2008: 

      - Notodo (in spanish)
      - Libération (French)
      - Art21, blog by the creators of "Art:21", a tv show hosted by PBS channel (English)
      - Rhizome,  a world reference for media art and digital cultures (English) 
      - Le Cool, on-line mag about fashion and trends (Spanish) pdf1 pdf2
      - Poptronics, on-line mag about new cultures and trends (French)
      - Selectparks, a reference for art and videogames (English)
      - La Petite Claudine (Spanish)
      - Marie Claire (Spanish)
      - We Make Money Not Art, a blog about innovation in electronic cultures (English)
      - Pranks, a key blog about guerrilla communication (English)
      - Rebel:art (German)
      - 3XL, website for younger audiences by TV3 Catalonia Television (Catalan)
      - Moleskine (English)
      - Digicult, on-line mag about art, society and technologies (Italian) 
      - GRRR, web mag about graphics and design (Spanish)
      - The Vacuum Cleaner, art & activism (English)