Søkkømb by Falegnameria Sociale

"Designed for all kinds of customers, SØKKØMB is a practical and affordable solution to the security problems that affect our world. SØKKØMB, a guillotine for your house: lightweight, easy to unpack and mount right in your living room."

When people saw the Ikea-like guillotine on The Influencers 2010's poster they thought of yet another photoshop joke, one of those images that virally circulate among friends and help us procrastinate urgent deeds. But this time that was not the case.

SØKKØMB was built in sound pine wood by a special team arranged by The Influencers, following the guidelines of the original authors. The blade was a fine, 8kg piece of beautifully sharp metal. The presentation of the new product took place in front of hundreds of people gathered in the main hall of the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, where the first test execution was arranged and carried out. For once, no human and no animals were harmed. [You can watch the execution in this video after minute 2'20"]

Yet, a few hours before some sort of beta test was realized on the premises of the Ikea store, with a special crew explaining in detail the qualities of SØKKØMB to regular customers... Here you can watch how it went.

Post Scriptum 2011: when it was first conceived, SØKKØMB's target was essentially the individual citizen of West European countries. After the events that shook Tunisia, Egypt, Greece or Spain in 2010 and 2011, radically new opportunities opened up for do-it-yourself justice on a collective basis. SØKKØMB is ready to take up the challenge!