Find a valueless video on YouTube and win an amazingly valueless prize

The Influencers 2013 is very pleased to host a new edition of the NoTube Contest!

The winner of the NoTube Contest is the participant who manages to find the most valueless video on YouTube.
A video uploaded on YouTube is generally oriented to a large audience, has a simple narrative and can be easily categorized.
A NoTube video, instead, fails in every promise and contradicts viewers' expectations for a meaningful experience.
A good NoTube video cannot be summarized, does not offer any keyword for searching it, is not linked by any other web site, has not been discussed and cannot be discussed.

An ideal submission to the NoTube Contest meets the following criteria: 
1) NO evident reason to make it
2) NO evident reason to publish it 
3) NO evident reason to watch such video.


How to participate

Find a valueless video on YouTube and send it to The Influencers:
you can use this Twitter's hashtag #notube2013
or post the video on this Facebook page 
or just send an email to

Deadline: Friday 8th November 2013, midnight

On Saturday November 9th, three participants will be selected for the final, popular vote on the stage of the Influencers festival (at CCCB, starting at 7pm).
The winner will be awarded with a special prize, to be unveiled on stage!


The Notube Contest is a project by IOCOSE